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Hibutan Collagen Intense Cream

  • Anti-aging cream with wrinkle improvement and whitening effects to provide collagen to the skin and enhance elasticity of the skin.


  • Contains marine collagen for maintaining the healthy of skin, and Agar for soothing the skin.


  • Contains Hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.

Charmzone, creating the world’s finest cosmetics

Launched in 1984, Charmzone’s 30-year history has always been a series of consecutive ‘new challenges.’ 
Charmzone always chose changes over staying at one place and pursued newness rather than imitating others.

hibutan collagen

Hibutan Collagen Line firmly maintains the nutrition inside skin againest the reduction of collagen, the cause of aging skin, and creates a nutrition link that protects collagen, Experience bright,smooth,and resilient skin with an all-around recovering tone,texture,and resilience.

hibutan collagen boosting skin gel

Made by the advanced formula for skin resilience, elasticity, whitening and dry skin.

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